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Convivial Catering and SD Women’s Club Open House

Convivial Catering and  San Diego Woman’s Club Open House!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM (PDT)

Open House wine bottle

Please Join us for Delicious Food, Music, and Beverages in a Beautiful Historic Banker’s Hill Venue!

Convivial Catering has joined the Historic San Diego Woman’s Club “Over 120 Years of Philanthropy & Sisterhood” as its On-Site Caterer and we are hosting an Open House!  We will be serving some Delicious Samples of Chef Jeff’s and Convivial Catering’s Cuisine such as:

-Smoky Kalua Pork Sliders with Hawaiian Purple Slaw and Pineapple Infused Teriyaki on King’s Sweet Rolls

-Arugula Wrapped Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio with Shaved Parmagiana Reggiano and Tarragon Emulsion

-Jeff’s Five Cheese Truffled  “Mac N’ Cheese”

-Lobster Accented Polenta with Vermont Extra Sharp Cheddar and Herb Grilled Shrimp

Just to name a few of the delectable offerings.

Opera Patisserie will be providing a beautiful dessert display and we will have beverages and acoustic music provided by Skyline Union’s own Kevin Fleming!

The Club is Located in a Beautiful Historic Building in Banker’s Hill near Balboa Park at Third Avenue and Maple (2557 3rd Avenue San Diego, CA 92103). The Clubhouse is available as a venue for your next event!  Please Join Us as we celebrate this new relationship!

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Please use our Eventbrite form below to RSVP in order to join us!

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Gaslamp Catering

It seems somewhat befuddling that with the number of options for food service located within the gaslamp quarter in our beloved downtown san diego that we find so much work in the area.  After taking some time to consider what my clientele is looking for, many fine restaurants can’t provide competitive offers.  I narrowed it down to three main factors.

First was the flexibility.  by coming to me they can have more control over what is being put on the dinner plates of their guests.  Personal chefs are versed in a broad range of culinary techniques and have the tools to provide a fresher option to a pre cooked reynolds wrapped meal.  This also allows my clients to mix cuisine within a meal.  They are not tied down to mexican, italian, japanese or any other flavor.  Whether they are by petco, market street, broad street or in the east village, using a catering service allows the most options for their guests.

Second is something that you don’t receive when ordering out.  Personal service in your own environment.  Ordering out fine dining is simply not the best way to go about impressing a guest.  when hiring a personal chef or a catering company in the gaslamp quarter you bring in an element of personal attention to you and your guests needs.  The personality of your meal is accompanied with the character of those preparing it for you.  Personal chefs know that half of their job is to please the customer.  That what makes them different from a executive chef working in a closed kitchen.

Finally Familiarity with the area makes many of our clients choose me time and time again.  In the Gaslamp Catering is a hot commodity, businesses flourish and when you have the advantage of having worked from horton plaza to the world trade center to east village and each small area of the gaslamp quarter you are able to use local knowledge to ensure that the job gets done right and in time.  Parking, logistics, timing and planning correctly all come easy after having experienced the specific needs of the clients and locations of downtown san diego.

I am glad to have the opportunity to assist so many greatful clients in the gaslamp and always impressed with the level of sophistication of our guests palettes.  it is a joy to work in downtown san diego and the gaslamp is certainly a growing gift to all of us whether we are at the clubs, enjoying appetizers at a networking event, entertaining clients or enjoying a private function at the Icon The Gaslamp has a great synergy for Caterers like us at convivial catering.

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Corporate Event Catering Guide

The Essentials of Successful Corporate Event Catering

A daytime catered business lunch

A daytime catered business lunch

Why is there a need for business event catering so popular in San Diego?  It is a time saver, because everyone has to eat, and by conducting business during mealtimes two birds are killed with one stone. However it is a major undertaking to ensure that event catering goes smoothly.  These are a few tips that I have learned over the years on booking and providing top level service in a business catering environment. It also may be a requirement, in order to get in front of clients that you’ll have to provide a meal.  The true goal of this short term investment in your customer is to create more loyal business and generate more long term revenue.  The reason we conduct business over meals is multifaceted but primary among them is that happy well fed clients are more receptive to doing business.  If a client eats an excellent meal and receives impeccable and professional service one is more inclined to listen to the person that provided the meal.   The meal is a reflection upon those that provide it.  We must remember this important fact.  The meal in a corporate setting is a reflection upon those that supply it.  If the meal is of subpar quality and/or the service is substandard, that is representative of those that provided the meal.

So we have determined the importance of providing an excellent meal with great service.  How does one execute this?   You need to determine the type of event that you trying to create.  Is this going to be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cocktail party?  What type of service?  Will it be a buffet or plated dinner?  If it’s an appetizer party will those appetizer’s be passed or on a stationary buffet?  How formal is the event?  What type of décor will there be?  Are there dietary restrictions or specialized requests of attendees that need to be addressed?  Are there Vegans, Vegetarians, Kosher, and Food Allergies such as lactose, gluten, or nut issues?  All of these are integral factors in ensuring that your Corporate Event goes smoothly and your clients are happy.  It is important to address all of these questions ahead of time so that you are not surprised by them at the event and are forced to scramble on the fly.

When you have satisfactorily determined the answer to all of these questions you then need to select a caterer.  The selection of a caterer is of primary importance.     The caterer needs to provide all of the components to fulfill your needs for the event and your client’s needs.  You need a caterer that will provide exactly what they state they will provide in their quote.  The caterer needs to provide professional, unobtrusive yet friendly service.  The food needs to be of high quality and fit within the dietary requirements of the client.  The caterer needs to be timely.  The caterer needs to work within the budget and bring value commensurate to that budget.  The caterer needs to be professionally attired and provide service per your requirements.

So how does one choose a caterer?  You can find a caterer through the internet, through a referral, through the yellow pages, or from local advertisements.  Regardless of how you locate the caterer there are several ways to vet the caterer to ensure that they will accommodate your requirements.  First you can interview the Caterer and ascertain their level of experience, whether they have done the type of event your are looking to create, do they have catering testimonialsLinkedIn is also another online tool that often has posted recommendations on the caterer you are evaluating.  if your looking to find someone local and learn more details about the business every business should have a google maps profile to help customers become accustom with their regional services. check for references, have they received any awards or recommendations, have they been reviewed or featured in any publications, what is there food style, and can they meet the needs of any specialized dietary requests or specialized service requests?  That is an excellent starting point but if you have the time the best way to evaluate the capabilities of a caterer is to see them in action.  Ask the caterer to let you come to another event that is similar to the one that you are creating.   This firsthand knowledge is invaluable in the selection process of a caterer.  You will be able to see the presentation of the food.  You will see the execution of the event.  Is the caterer serving the food at the time it was slated?  Does the décor look appropriate and aesthetically pleasing?  You may also ask the caterer to sample the food at that event.  This way you get a first hand tasted of food as executed during an actual event.  Tastings presented by the caterer are another great evaluative tool and will be specific to your event however it is easier to execute single dishes at the caterer’s business than it is onsite.  You should also ask the caterer for references and contact those individuals for their opinions on the caterer you are considering.

Once you gain an understanding of the caterer you will be working with you will have all of the items in place in order to create a successful corporate catering event.  So make it happen! Bring in more business through successful corporate event catering.

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Catering live! San Diego Channel 5.

Convivial Catering’s Jeff Heavey had the opportunity to once again impress the likes of Chrissy Russo, Arthel Neville, Raoul Martinez and Shally Zomorodi in this weeks Fox Morning News Spot. Once again Convivial prepared a creative rendition of a standard dish and recieved a few compliments from the staff. This is always an enjoyable event. The number of things that can go wrong on live TV is a little higher than say a corporate luncheon. The main reason being the fact that television studio’s are normally ill equipped, somewhat unpredictable and while entertaining and cooking is something convivial is accustom to do it in front of a couple thousand people can have a bit of added pressure.

The morning news give convivial the chance to be visible to many people that normally would not be aware of our san diego catering services. Many of those people that found out about our unique and delicious catering solutions are now good friends and loyal clients. Most are business catering events from early morning viewers and events requiring a personal chef. convivial appreciates the fact that this gives people a chance to be familiar with the kind of people that provide our catering services.

View our Executive Chef Jeff Heavey who begins to plate at 1:30 in the video.

The good news is it went off without a hitch. The camera angles and lighting showed the food well, the cooking area was ready when i got there and the staff and news anchors were amiable and responsive. Next time im out there I will have to come equipped with some more clean jokes to keep people involved if the set dies down at all. Whats brown and sticky? give up?

A stick.