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“We were married on 9-20-14 at Kate Sessions Park and it was truly the best day of our lives.  Jeff and his team provided wonderful afternoon apps at the park and a four course meal at the reception venue that we still receive raving compliments on 4 months later.  Planning the menu was not easy for us but working directly with experts gave us confidence and put our minds at ease.  They hit our budget and blew our guests away. Thanks for everything Convivial Catering!”     -Lora F.   Point Loma

Wedding flowers from our preferred Arranger

A wedding day is a very special day, and you’re going to be lucky enough to celebrate it in one of the most amazing places in the country.  Convivial Catering understands the amount of effort that goes into planning a tremendous event.  It’s the biggest party most people will ever throw.  We also know that executing a wedding meal takes careful attention and precise planning.  That is why we take a consultative approach.  

First we set up a call to discuss the details. Number of guest, type of cuisine, rentals, venue and budget are all very important for us to start tailoring a menu together.  We have a questionnaire that we will go through and it will make it very easy for both of us.  Of course we also have menus to choose from if you would like to make it as easy as possible.

Second, you may decide to set up a tasting.  This will ensure that everything comes out perfectly plated on time and to your expectations.  You and your significant other are invited to our kitchen at the San Diego Women’s Club where we can discuss further details and prepare the proposed dishes.

Finally once the decision is made we can work with you or your coordinator to ensure that all rentals, serving and plating necessities are in place. An invoice with an itemized list of each provided detail is provided and you can arrange to book the date.

In order to provide a catered event that is as amazing as anything you’ve ever had in mind, we think it’s very important to get to know exactly what you have drawn up in your head for your event.  Whether you are looking for a wedding dinner that is traditional or a style of cuisine that goes beyond your guests expectations, Convivial Catering has a wedding catering menu that will be sure to keep your guests raving about the quality.

With our extensive wedding experience we have consistently proven to our clients that we are prepared, competent and thorough.  We are ready to serve each of your guests, be it a small intimate wedding or a large multiple day event. 

We learned the importance of planning and preparation early in our humble beginnings and have relayed that importance to each of our staff members as the utmost priority of our work.  We are competent in our tasks and the process needed to execute large gourmet presentations on time and with exceptional quality.  This quality is as important with a buffet line and self service wedding as it is with a plated dinner or 5 course wedding dinner. 

We know that the wedding day can be a very stressful, though beautiful and rewarding day. Because of that, anything that can be done to put you at ease and to make you feel comfortable is addressed in our process.  We have found that choosing the proper caterer is important, but also that finding a caterer that continues to be attentive to you and your guests needs is of even higher importance to creating a truly memorable and blessed day.

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