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Gaslamp Catering

It seems somewhat befuddling that with the number of options for food service located within the gaslamp quarter in our beloved downtown san diego that we find so much work in the area.  After taking some time to consider what my clientele is looking for, many fine restaurants can’t provide competitive offers.  I narrowed it down to three main factors.

First was the flexibility.  by coming to me they can have more control over what is being put on the dinner plates of their guests.  Personal chefs are versed in a broad range of culinary techniques and have the tools to provide a fresher option to a pre cooked reynolds wrapped meal.  This also allows my clients to mix cuisine within a meal.  They are not tied down to mexican, italian, japanese or any other flavor.  Whether they are by petco, market street, broad street or in the east village, using a catering service allows the most options for their guests.

Second is something that you don’t receive when ordering out.  Personal service in your own environment.  Ordering out fine dining is simply not the best way to go about impressing a guest.  when hiring a personal chef or a catering company in the gaslamp quarter you bring in an element of personal attention to you and your guests needs.  The personality of your meal is accompanied with the character of those preparing it for you.  Personal chefs know that half of their job is to please the customer.  That what makes them different from a executive chef working in a closed kitchen.

Finally Familiarity with the area makes many of our clients choose me time and time again.  In the Gaslamp Catering is a hot commodity, businesses flourish and when you have the advantage of having worked from horton plaza to the world trade center to east village and each small area of the gaslamp quarter you are able to use local knowledge to ensure that the job gets done right and in time.  Parking, logistics, timing and planning correctly all come easy after having experienced the specific needs of the clients and locations of downtown san diego.

I am glad to have the opportunity to assist so many greatful clients in the gaslamp and always impressed with the level of sophistication of our guests palettes.  it is a joy to work in downtown san diego and the gaslamp is certainly a growing gift to all of us whether we are at the clubs, enjoying appetizers at a networking event, entertaining clients or enjoying a private function at the Icon The Gaslamp has a great synergy for Caterers like us at convivial catering.

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