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Personal Chef San Diego

Cooking for private parties and intimate occasions takes a different type of chef.  Doing this takes not only outstanding talent but also the ability to communicate effectively while concentrating on the task at hand and accompany the atmosphere with a consistently jovial personality.  Here are a few tips to help you walk the walk if your catering and a few tips to help you find the right personal chef in San Diego or if your outside of San Diego.

1. Know your role:

– Always be sensitive to the atmosphere of the occasion.  The atmosphere and tastes of your guests will depict type of service that is expected and the style of cuisine that is required.  Remember that as a personal chef you are in fact responsible for more than great food.  In most cases you have been hired to create a mood at a personal gathering or add an exciting flare to a small social event.
As a personal chef be prepared by understanding what the job calls for and being ready to provide a fitting solution.

2. Be comfortable in any setting:

– As a personal chef I face unique scenario’s in each job.  The way that I make sure I am comfortable in any setting is by asking appropriate questions prior to the job.  These questions go beyond the general catering questions regarding menu, volume and style of food.  Ask specific questions.  What equipment is available?  What is the purpose of the event?  Are you looking for entertainment or a quiet setting with incredible cuisine?  be prepared to provide the added effort in possibly recommending a bottle of wine for the client to serve with your meal.

3. Personal chefs provide personal service:

– Be highly attentive to the clients needs when providing personal chef services.  Remember they have invited you into their homes and you are providing a hospitality service.  Lose the back kitchen personality and be prepared to put on your waiter hat.  Personal occasions like this give you the opportunity to present exceptional culinary and social talent which goes a very long way with catering’s number one marketing tool.  Word of mouth.

Personal chef's need to understand their setting

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    Great article! The tip about the atmoshpere is priceless, so important to understand way before where you’re going and what to expect.

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