Catering Menus


Chef Jeff Heavey at cateringevent

Convivial Catering offers many sample menus and custom tailored menus for your event!

There is no better way to get a sense of the detail that Convivial Catering pays to each client’s event.  Click on these menu links to open a downloadable PDF menu and compare our quality! These are ideas that may help you decide what style of cuisine you would like to go with among the many that are available.  We have over 100 options listed in the samples below and can provide options that are more simple or more decadent depending on your setting.  We have also added some tailored menus that were created for our clients in the past.  These include: menus for weddings, birthday parties, special holiday gatherings, business and corporate luncheons and a fresh menu created for a beach party inLa Jolla.

wedding catering menuWedding Photographer Cooking Demo

This 4 course meal came with two sides and a delicious desert to round it out at the end of the night.

Served for David Difontorum Photography, one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the area, this meal included colossal shrimp and fire seared baby tomatoes with shallots, grilled asparagus with lemon, seared baby bella mushrooms, and rainbow rotini with a rosted red pepper chevre sauce.  The sticky sweet mango with vanilla chocolate sauce was an absolute hit! This delicious dessert was served after the main course of lemon and oregano marinated grilled chicken and mesquite char grilled pork tenderloin to compliment the overall effect of the closing dish.

Corporate Catering Appetizers Heirloom TomatoCorporate Catering Menu

40 entrees, appetizer’s, salads, and a broad range of options for businesses seeking a corporate catering solution.

Corporate catering events require fast solutions within a budget, yet expect the highest quality and demand distinction.  Convivial has prepared a menu for anyone seeking just that for their corporate catering needs.  These are all items that can be provided for corporate catering events within a required budget and will make it quick and easy for you to provide your business or clients with delectable catered food.  Another benefit to corporate catering is the time you will save; so you can work on what you do best, while we do the same!

Cooking Demonstration At Del CerroCooking Demonstration Menu

Cooking Classes and Demonstrations are available from Convivial Catering and this menu is a good example of some techniques and recipes that we teach in our demonstrations.

We have had many of our friends, family and associates use our cooking demonstrations and cooking classes to learn culinary techniques and bring their talents back home to their own kitchens.  These instructional gatherings are a joy and “students” always have fun during the classes.  It’s always a delicious wrap up as we try a portion of each menu item created. Cooking classes like the one this menu boasts are perfect for your next social function!

Catering idea's sample menuCatering Menu Ideas

Although many of our customers would like to sit back and have us create an entire meal for them, we love getting input from our clients.  This sample menu has many past appetizers and main courses requested by clients that can give you some ideas on what to serve at your next event.

When your looking for some interesting options to surprise your guests this list can give you some great ideas. Over 40 different menu items shows you Convivial Catering’s broad range of gourmet food service.


Catering Appetizers sample menuAppetizer Ideas From Convivial Catering

Tray passed appetizers are very popular for social gatherings and are a must have for any hard to impress guests.

Wedding Catering Menu – Spater

This Spater wedding menu gave guests many delectable options for the main dish.  Two of the appetizers for this special day were Chesapeake lump crab and Japanese Beef Tataki which were absolutely delicious as well.


Corporate Lunch Sample menu

Many businesses seeking out a catering company prefer great food be provided at a reasonable cost.  Our corporate lunch sample menu gives an idea of the high level of quality that can be expected at our reasonable price point.

Italian Appetizer Sample Menu

Convivial Catering has mastered 20 options in the culinary genre of Italian Appetizers. For your next event, try our Anti-pasto, Ensalada and more… Perfecto!


New Years Eve Catering Menu

A truly wonderful Italian menu crafted for an upscale New Years gathering.  We were as proud as ever of the execution on this event and glad that our customer has become a regular client.


Holiday Catering Menu

A special holiday event for a loyal client of our’s shows a mix of different cuisines tastefully put together to compliment one another.


Fresh Beach Catering Menu

Nice weather and fresh food inspired the menu we provided for this wonderful beach occasion. The full menu included appetizer, salad, main course and a desert of Peach champagne sorbet and chocolate Truffles. Yum!