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Holiday Catering tips: Thanksgiving Turkey Brine Recipe

Happy Holidays are almost upon us!  This can be a stressful event for those who insist on cooking for the family and friends.  While we would love to be the ones cooking for you (and we do this sort of thing everyday :)) we also want to give you a few tips that will make your holiday feast a lasting memory and being prepared is the best way to do this without stress.

We had our Chef’s come together and offer a few tips on brining a turkey to guarantee that is moist and delicious and we selected Chef Mike’s recipe as one that you can trust for your bird this year.  Keep in mind you can use this for any poultry and expect great results.

Chef Mike’s Magical Citrus Savory Brine

Convivial Catering’s Chef Mike Hein
has used this brine for years. Brining
a Turkey infuses flavor and helps the
Bird retain moisture for a Moist and
Delicious Thanksgiving Feast!
1 20# Turkey Thawed

2 T Coriander Seeds

1/2 Cup Chopped Garlic

2 T Juniper Berries

2 T Dried Thyme

8 Valencia Oranges Halved

2 T Black Peppercorns

1.5 Gallons Ice Water

1 Gallon Vegetable Stock

1.5 Cups of Kosher Salt

Warm 2 cups of stock and whisk in kosher salt. Combine with all other ingredients. Submerge Turkey and weigh down to fully immerse Turkey for 8-24 Hours. Cook Turkey in your favorite fashion. (Use Compound Butter under skin and stuff cavity with onion, garlic and herbs.)

Alternatively, if you have had enough of the cooking and cleaning already, we will be cooking for 100’s of people this coming Thanksgiving and if you would like to sit back, relax and let the food come to you, Please contact us.  We offer entire Thanksgiving meals at affordable prices with a quality that will not be beat!

Check back for more thanksgiving tips and hints as we will be continuing our series of Holiday catering tips throughout the end of the year!

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