Chef Jeff Heavey has been refining his palette since 1993 when he trained as a winemakers assistant in Woodside…

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CA and was introduced to the world of fine dining and gourmet cuisine. In 2002, he began his culinary career as a high end menu consultant in Boston, MA and was soon working with the likes of Michael Ginor of Hudson Valley Foie Gras. Jeff was awarded his CCP certification in 2004 and became a graduate of the Cambridge school of culinary arts. He then trained with chef David Bull at Texas’s number one rated restaurant located in Austin. Soon after, he trained under Jeffrey Strauss and Jim Phillips of the Pamplemoose Grille in San Diego, CA. Jeff managed catering services for Terra in San Diego; at which point he was awarded the Chef Celebration of SD scholarship. This scholarship allowed him to study the culinary arts under top executive chefs internationally. He studied in Perugia, Umbria; Florence, Italy and at Noma, the highest regarded restaurant in Denmark (and the world!). The knowledge and processes gained through these experiences is communicated in the quality and consistency at each Convivial Catering event.

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