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Convivial Catering has specialized services specifically for omelet bars in San Diego County.

If you are looking to provide clients or employee’s at a business or personal setting with a personalized breakfast this is a very popular option. The omelet bar has proven to be an affordable and easy solution that allows clients to choose their own ingredients and concoct their own omelet to fit their tastes and dietary needs. We will arrive approximately an hour prior to the event with all of the requested ingredients prepared, provide all the equipment that is needed as well as an on site chef to create a fun atmosphere.

These breakfasts are as easy for hosts to coordinate, as it is for guests to enjoy! Omelet bars are a specialty and we pride ourselves in our well trained staff, excellent quality of fresh ingredient options and ability to execute a hassle free solution for corporate and event catering breakfasts. We are prepared to handle the setup, execution and breakdown for the entire event at a moments notice and have many options for your event..

Chef Lead Omelet Bar with All the Toppings!

Let Your Employees Choose Their Style!

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