Culinary Service Styles

tray passed - Jeff the Chef


A convenient bite passed to your guests by our servers. Perfect for warm hors d’oeuvre and detailed presentations, this style of service works well at mingling events. Tray-passing is a nice way to welcome guests to an evening of dining and entertainment with hors d’oeuvre or to thank them for attending with a sweet send-off.

Stationary Display

Typically presented on a centrally located table, the stationary display is an attractive culinary arrangement for your guests to choose from at their leisure. Unobtrusive and simple, the stationary display works well for a small group, or combined with tray-passing for a larger group or extended cocktail event.

stationary display - Jeff the Chef
stations kiosks - Jeff the Chef

Stations / Kiosks

Steward-attended food stations prepare plates to order and present them to your guests. This style affords a personalized service to your guests while maximizing the social energy and movement of the group. Additionally, the station setup allows us to control food quantity and presentation in a comfortable way. This style of service is very versatile and works beautifully for a wide variety of events and special occasions.

Club Plates

A unique style of culinary service designed by Convivial Catering, club plates combine the strengths of both tray-passing and station service. Plates are created in the kitchen and butler-passed, requiring no set-up in the event space and allowing guests to enjoy a plated nosh wherever they are sitting, lounging or standing. This style of service tends to be more cost effective than station service, plus it is unique.

club plates - Jeff the Chef
seated - Jeff the Chef


Classic and elegant, this is the most service-driven style of culinary service. Courses are prepared and plated in the kitchen, then delivered to each of your seated guests by a coordinated team of butlers. Seated service is very personal, making it a favorite for more formal affairs.

Station / Seated

This style of service combines a served first course, then station service, which offers the guests more variety of culinary creations and then completes with a served dessert or a cheese course and then dessert.

station seated - Jeff the Chef
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